B&B Demolition Ltd: Edmonton's bigger and better demolition company

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Contact Information

For more information, contact us at the office at (780)452-0354, or by email at Reception@bbdemo.com.

Office Location
B&B Demolition Ltd
12800-153 Street NW, Edmonton AB, Canada
Edmonton Alberta T5V lA9

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Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm

Company Directory:

Bill Knight
Email: Bill@bbdemo.com

Beau Brooker
Cell: 780-915-5802
Email: Beau.Brooker@bbdemo.com

Penny McEwan
General Manager
Cell: 780-246-2258
Email: Penny@bbdemo.com

Nicole Robertson
Office Manager
Office: 780-452-0354
Email: Nicole@bbdemo.com

Derek Hodgeson
Safety Officer
Cell: 780-964-1413
Email: safety@bbdemo.com

Steven Knight
Business Development Manager
Cell: 780-902-3202
Email: Steven@bbdemo.com

Ben Knight
Cell: 780-901-5408
Email: ben@bbdemo.com

Timothy Leister
Cell: 780-862-7228
Email: Timothy.Leister@bbdemo.com

Robert Burstall
Cell: 587-336-7748
Email: Robert.Burstall@bbdemo.com

Trevor Forbes
Cell: 780-995-5840
Email: Trevor.Forbes@bbdemo.com

Steven Patterson
Cell: 780-964-4714
Email: Steven.Patterson@bbdemo.com

Michael Gardenits
Cell: 780-232-0099
Email: Michael.Gardenits@bbdemo.com

Danielle Vanstone
Office: 780-452-0354
Email: Dispatch@bbdemo.com

Brett Baker
Tool Crib Attendant
Office: 780-452-0354
Email: Shop@bbdemo.com

Monica LaGrange
Office: 780-452-0354
Email: Admin@bbdemo.com

B&B has Won the Consumers Choice Award

B&B Demolition has received consecutive Consumers Choice awards.
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