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Our Demolition Equipment

B&B Demolition boasts superior equipment, people and serivice

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Our Equipment Includes:

  • Office Vehicles
    • These are the office vehicles at B&B. Estimators, Superintendants, Safety Personnel, and Trailer Drivers vehicles are shown here. These are the vehicles that you are most likely to see combing the streets of Edmonton.
  • Truck Division
    • These vehicles are used on site to carry tools and personnel, as well as haul dump trailers or equipment from site to site.
  • Trailer Division
    • B&B's fleet of trailers are able to both haul equipment from site to site, as well as remove garbage and debris from a project.
  • Bin Division
    • B&B's fleet of Roll Off trucks and 30/40 yard bins are there to remove garbage and debris from a project.
  • Skid Steer Division
  • These skid steers range in size, allowing B&B to use them on a multitude of job sites. The smallest skid steer is 38 inches wide, making it small enough to fit through most double doorways
  • Attachments for the equipment include:
    • Solid tires for demolition and waste removal
    • Soft tires for snow removal and dirt work
    • Choices of smooth tooth, and/or grapple bucket
    • A 751B Hy-Ram hammer for concrete work
    • Floor scraper
  • Small Equipment Division
    • B&B's small equipment division is used on a wide range of projects. Small, yet powerful, this equipment is able to: hammer concrete, demolish full structures, and clean up debris, in a contained are with easy transportation and accessibility.
    • Attachments for the track hoes include:
      • Rubber tracks that allow the hoe to work on any floor/ground surface
      • A 711B Hy-Ram hammer for concrete work
      • Choices of smooth or tooth buckets of various widths
      • A bucket thumb that is perfect for grabbing and ripping
  • Large Equipment Division
    • B&B's large equipment division is used mainly on structural demolition in the residential and industrial sectors. The powerful equipment and skilled operators are able to demolish full structures safely with contained debris.
  • Labor Division
    • What would all of the equipment be worth without the operators and laborers that work with and along side it. B&B's experienced and dedicated team members are on every site, making sure that B&B’s safety and customer satisfaction standards are met.
  • Specialty Equipment
    • Floor Eddie
    • Hilti 905 electric jackhammer
    • Generators
    • Numerous hand and power tools
    • Scaffolding and ladders
    • Fans
    • Cutting torches

B&B Demolition fleet


B&B's smart car fleet for estimators and safety officers are both eco-friendly and practical.

In recent years, B&B Demolition has taken great steps to reduce its environmental impact. In addition to our Smart-Car fleet, we focused on recycling which in turn has helped divert the majority of what we demolish from landfills. We're proud to be an environmental leader amongst Edmonton demolition companies - our efforts have earned us a winning title in the City of Edmonton Small Business Eco Challenge.

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